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The Perks:
ComplementaryPrivate Office

At B360 our support partners serve as onsite independent contractors. They specialize in several key areas needed for building a successful business.  Their primary goal is to provide full-service support, and empower our clients with the most cost efficient solutions as the scale up.

Our support partners get to enjoy all the benifits of having access to new clients right outside their office door. With vaule added perks, such as complementary office space, 

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The Legal team serves in assisting startups navigate protection of their brands, patents, trademarks, and designs.


The Accounting team serves in assisting startups focused on helping to become economically efficient,  profitable, implement costs controls, and tax services.


The Marketing team serves in assisting startups in branding and logo development, SEO, website appearance, and social/print media strategies.


The IT team serves in assisting startups in with programming guidance, scale up of computer resources, and  computer-related issues.


The Insurance team serves in assisting startups with Errors and Omissions Insurance, Certificate/Commercial General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability, and various employee related insurance options.



Workshops assist startups to network to develop pitch skills, gain valuable feedback from an audience full of other entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and media.



The wellness coach is valuable to assist startups to find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and emotional health goals.help you make better general choices to moderate stress.